How to pave your own path to a successful career - Mr Mohamed Shamil

Speed Mentoring Session with Brandix Casualwear CFO- Mr Mohamed Shamil.
Wanted to share what was a brilliant session that I spared to learn to realize which I had in my mind but how was the question……
What our parents’ guide us from small days is the path to success. We study so hard during school days ,then finishes a degree and finally start up a job to succeed in life. To success I believe people have different instruments to the how they measure success. That’s a talkative point with never a fullstop.
This session was on how to pave your path to a successful career with the CFO’s experiences gained throughout his career.
Here I brief you how Mr Mohamed Shamil view on that was:
Vince Lambardi was an American football coach. He has stated that the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strengths, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

For a successful career one should:

• Build a vision for yourself

Believe in yourself without limiting yourself,identify strengths, profiles and potential and set key milestones and achieve within the time frame.

• Nothing is impossible

Believe in and make effort, be positive and attack not defend

• Exit the comfort zone/Take Risk

If you are comfortable with your job, demand job rotations chose challenging jobs.
Zero risk zero return

• Be unique / Be passionate

Be trend setter instead of a follower
Love what you do then only work becomes fun.

• Soft skills

Why are we called up for an interview? It’s to view our soft skills. Develop soft skills. Assess on weaknesses.

• Attitudes

Be disciplined. Respect every one. Give more and expect less.

• Make your performance visible

Sell your work in a professional way ensuring that you don’t undercut others.

• Ownership

Go beyond functional role. Do every act as if it’s your own organization.

• Work for your own satisfaction

Never try to satisfy superiors for the sake of doing that. Be your own judge. Target 100% perfection
The world will be unfair – don’t try to blame or change the world be determined to win in a world which is unfair. Remember you can’t please everyone, argue logically and professionally

• Nothing personal

Avoid personal egotism. Never take official matter personally. Never get involved or support politics.

• Nothing surprising

Expect to lose your job at any moment, nothing must be surprising always have a plan B.

• Keep your mobility high and learn continuously

Have a good understanding of the job market. Lock for opportunities when you are doing well in the current job

So these were some points in which would pave us for a successful career a head. Hope all individuals will not follow them accurately but by reading will keep in mind some points which would be useful.

If you don’t have a blog, Get One!

It‘s so glad that everything’s really ready to start blogging in the unsophisticated world wide web. Had a fewer knowledge on what a blog could do for an individual or as a whole. Took some time out on the www, to know exactly what and how to handle out a blog. Through reading blogs certainly understood a lot what a real blog could do.
One way a blog is a place where you can tell people what you know and what makes you different from others. To my understanding a blog should talk on things that is not just what you know or you do, but also what is relevant to your blog audience.
To my feeling once should improve writings skills and vocabulary to end up as a good blogger. Intention of staring my blog is not only to be a good blogger but to share whatever little knowledge, experiences and practices that I have gained and will, to flow down to all readers so that it will be some sought of help for them.
Being working on an industry which changes every second it a challenge to cope up with time and developments to write blog posts but will hope to manage out time wisely so that this race would be won.
So anybody waiting to start up a blog … I say start blogging now as a blog is an immensely useful platform for the individuals to speak out their minds to the outside world

Useful resources before you start blogging


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