Love That Never Fades - My Parents

How can this ever be said?

How can this ever be written?

How long did I take?

How far did I go?

To realize how precious is parents love!

When I was small you held my hand

Gave me strength to stand

When I cry, be up all night

You be awake to cuddle me through the night

Once upon a time, I remember

I sit and wait to see you coming after work

To see what you bring me

Not knowing how hard you worked all day

To bring me something in the evening

Never a day you’ve let me down

There was nothing you didn’t give me

I’ve asked things beyond your reach

Which sacrifices your dignity, religion and self conscious!

But you accepted to give me everything I asked

Just to see me smiling

You are the persons whom I can’t replace

You loved me through tick and thin

You showed me light from deep with in

Dear Ammi and Appachi

The amazing thing is

You loved me every single second of my life

It’s not hard to accept…Oh yes it’s not

I love you with all my heart

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