Recovering From A Suspect Database

Recovering From A Suspect Database

Tormented problem that occurred due to database showing as suspect could be recovered with a hope of luck. Various articles on the WWW depict the similar T-SQL queries to be run on the suspected database. Simply the suspected database could be restored with the latest backup available and could solve the issue in minutes. Worst case scenario you will not have a back up or the latest back up is taken after the database mode has already gone to suspect mode.

We really came across the worst case scenario to one of our most critical database. We purchased a software (recovery tool for sql server) which created scripts which could be executed to populate the tables and data from the suspected data backup. Believe me running them is a task.

Why this suspect mode in a database does occur?

Actually to our scenario we really could not find the real answer why. But we suspect to be the low disk space in the server.

During a WWW search I found these...

A database can be marked suspect for one of the following reasons (this is from SQL Server Books Online):

  • If one or more database files are not available.

  • If the entire database is not available.

  • If one or more database files are corrupted.
  • There is not enough space available for the SQL Server to recover the database during startup.

  • Database cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space.

  • Database files are being held by operating system, third party backup software etc.

  • Unexpected SQL Server Shutdown, Power failure or a Hardware failure.

How you could recover?

Run this query

USE Master


-- Determine the original database status

SELECT [Name], DBID, Status

FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases


-- Enable system changes

sp_configure 'allow updates',1




-- Update the database status

UPDATE master.dbo.sysdatabases

SET Status = 24

WHERE [Name] = 'YourDatabaseName'


-- Disable system changes

sp_configure 'allow updates',0




-- Determine the final database status

SELECT [Name], DBID, Status

FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases


We ran this on on our suspect mode database. But there occcred a situation where it did not display any tables after some time. But mode of the database has been chaged from suspect mode. We did this several times. With some luck this would correct the problem. But to our scenario the recovered database could not be backed up. So what we did was made a DTS transfer to another database. And made a scripts of the sp’s, views, indexes and constraints and built up simultaneous database to bring back the database with the most current data.


Essential Things That One Should Know Of Window Phone 7

Much talk that was heard around the world the last couple of days came to a halt when the Windows Phone 7 was released on the 11th of November. Intresting topics was posted throug out the WWW. Some thing that captured my eyes is the article that i am going to post to readers.

Microsoft officially unveiled its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, at a press event held on 11th October 2010 in New York City. CEO Steve Ballmer described the new line of Windows Phones as "different" and more modern, in both design and principles. With Windows Phone 7, the focus is on how "real people want to use their phones," he said.

Besides being different, a key point Microsoft needs to drive home if wanting to compete in a crowded mobile landscape, there was also a big focus on personalization. "We also wanted these to be wonderfully mine, or yours, or yours, or the next person. Here's my phone, the way I've made it wonderfully mine," explained Ballmer. "My photos, my email, my start screen, my activities, my world... and of course, my avatar."

The Software

Microsoft Corporate VP Joe Belifore described the phone's final software as an operating system that helps you get things done. "We wanted to figure out how to build a phone that simplifies the basics," he said.
One of the ways WP7 achieves this, explained Belifore, is through the use of something called Windows Phone Hubs. These live-updating tiles display on the Windows Phone 7 homescreen, alerting users to new text messages, missed calls, voicemails and more. But hubs can deliver non-phone related info too, like live Twitter and Facebook updates, Internet news and new photos uploaded by friends. One hub even connects the phone to Xbox LIVE, Microsoft's online service for its Xbox 360 gaming console.
The tiles can be moved around and deleted, so as to allow complete customization of the homescreen.

The Camera

Another major feature with the new mobile operating system is how the camera works. Instead of having to launch an app, WP7 users will just press a hardware-based camera button to snap a photo. Then from within the camera's onscreen interface, you can access the photo gallery and immediately upload those photos to the cloud.

Office Integration

Microsoft's Office software is deeply integrated into the new device. In the phone's mobile version of Outlook, viewing Office documents is supported right from within an email, as is standard on many of today's smartphones. But editing Office files is also supported, explained Belifore, which is more of a unique feature.
Outlook calendaring is available, including free/busy information and conflict detection, the ability to accept meeting requests on the device, different view options (e.g. "today's agenda") and a one-touch "I'll be late" button which signals to meeting attendees that you're behind schedule.
He also demonstrated how auto-correction works - instead of automatically changing a misspelled word, the OS offers suggestions for word correction to choose from.

Bing Onboard

Microsoft's Bing search engine, whose team recently gobbled up the group from Microsoft's Live Labs, creators of SeaDragon, Photosynth and data visualization technology Pivot, is also baked into WP7.
Addresses in emails or calendar invites take you to Bing Maps, which also includes the traditional mapping application features like search, walking and driving directions and more. It also offers street-level images, similar to Google's Street View, and real-time traffic updates.
The integrated Bing service itself provides Web search, voice search (via Microsoft's TellMe), instant answers (short answer search results for things like airline flight info, sports scores, etc.) and local search, the latter demonstrated by way of a search for a local restaurant and its related reviews and star ratings. From the reviews, another tap will dial the restaurant's phone number.

The Hubs

There are six Windows Phone Hubs that ship with the device, which you can think of as Microsoft's take on homescreen widgets: the People Hub, Pictures Hub, Music + Video Hub, Games Hub, Office Hub and the Marketplace.
The People Hub connects to social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, pulling in status updates from friends and providing contact info and phone numbers. Users can respond to updates, like sending a text message or commenting on a status update from here instead of launching an app.
The Pictures Hub displays photos from your friends, including those on Facebook. Here, users can share their own photos with friends or view and comment on friends' photos.

The Music + Video Hub connects with Microsoft's Zune service offering access to music, video, podcasts and FM Radio. The Hub supports both streaming and downloads.

In the Games Hub, users can customize their Xbox LIVE avatar, send and receive gaming invites to friends and, of course, play games on the phone. Games like The Sims 3 and Ilo and Milo were demonstrated. Other launch titles include Bejeweled, Uno, Game Chest (a collection of card and board games), CarenyVale: Showtime, Halo:Waypoint, Crackdown 2: Sunburst, Rocket Riot, and more.
Windows Phone 7 will connect to Xbox LIVE, allowing users to earn achievements on the phone and track their gamerscore.
The Office Hub offers mobile versions of Office applications including Microsoft Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and OneNote Mobile. SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010 allows business users to access their company's SharePoint workspaces from the device.
The Marketplace has its own Hub, where users can search and download new apps.
Third-party developers can also build their own Hubs using Microsoft's provided development tools.


During the today's demo, Belifore showed off some big-name apps including those from eBay, IMDB and AT&T's Uverse Mobile, a media app. More apps are showcased here including games, an official Twitter app and others. We're also aware of a Netflix app, Slacker radio app, a pre-loaded T-Mobile TV app on select devices and Fandango app. No word yet on the exact number of apps available at launch.

Copy & Paste

When Microsoft announced that copy & paste was not going to be initially available on the new phones, there was a big outcry. Today, Microsoft said that the feature would be available "in early 2011" via a software update.

The Hardware

Windows Phone 7, like Android, will ship on a variety of hardware devices from multiple manufacturers. There will be nine phones arriving by WP7's November U.S. launch date (WP 7 will debut in some European markets on Oct. 21, however). Devices from HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell will be available. The form factors will vary, with some phones offering keyboards, phones with very large screens and even a ruggedized device for heavy-duty users like the one from Dell.

Mobile Operators

Windows Phone 7 will arrive on 60 mobile operators worldwide in 30 countries including AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S., Orange, SingTel, Telstra, Telus, Telefonica, Vodafone and more.
President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets Ralph de la Vega also spoke on stage at this morning's event. He said that the network, known best as the sole iPhone carrier in the U.S. was committed to offering customers a wide range of devices. Regarding WP7, he said AT&T "knew this was going to be a winner."
According to de la Vega, AT&T will launch three WP7 devices, the LG Quantum, featuring a full QWERTY keyboard for $199.99, the HTC Surround with 16 GB of onboard storage, 5 megapixel camera and two Dolby Surround Sound speakers, also $199.99 and finally, the Samsung Focus, with a super AMOLED screen, Snapdragon CPU and 8 GB of onboard storage, again for $199.99.
The Samsung will be available on November 8th, the others a "few weeks" later, but no specific launch date was given.
AT&T also announced Uverse Mobile for Windows Phone 7 customers, which will be available for a monthly fee.

Everyone at Microsoft Gets a Phone

Noted at the bottom of one of Microsoft's WP7 press releases is news of Microsoft's internal commitment to Windows Phone. "[Microsoft] has arranged for every full-time employee worldwide to be able to switch to the new phone as soon as it launches in their market," it says. While that's obviously great news for employees, it's also an indicator of how much Microsoft wants and needs the new OS to succeed. By offering everyone at the company a phone, Microsoft is, to some extent, making all employees accountable for the phone's future. "There's so much more of Microsoft we've got to bring out in the phone," says corporate vice president of Windows Phone engineering at Microsoft Terry Myerson. "We've got a lot of work to do."

Would Like to Ove One! 

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SQL SERVER – How to change sa password

  • Login into SQL Server using Windows Authentication.

  • In Object Explorer, open Security folder, open Logins folder. Right Click on SA account and go to Properties.

  • Change the passwork and click ok. Now you have successfully changed the sa password.

  • Make sure to restart the SQL Server and all its services and test new password by logging into system.


WMI: Initialization failure - SQL 2000

This was and serious error that occured in one of the database servers affecting the databases operations.The  error occured in the SQL Server Agent where it displays an error saying "WMI: Initialization failure" when the dependencies tab is clicked.
This wasted a lot of valuable time in seaching for an answer. Thought of posting as it would be important to anyone who comes accross this issue.
To overcome the following error you have to create this bat file and run it.


 @echo on cd /d c:\temp if not exist %windir%\system32\wbem goto TryInstall cd /d %windir%\system32\wbem net stop winmgmt winmgmt /kill if exist Rep_bak rd Rep_bak /s /q rename Repository Rep_bak for %%i in (*.dll) do RegSvr32 -s %%i for %%i in (*.exe) do call :FixSrv %%i for %%i in (*.mof,*.mfl) do Mofcomp %%i net start winmgmt goto End :FixSrv if /I (%1) == (wbemcntl.exe) goto SkipSrv if /I (%1) == (wbemtest.exe) goto SkipSrv if /I (%1) == (mofcomp.exe) goto SkipSrv %1 /RegServer :SkipSrv goto End :TryInstall if not exist wmicore.exe goto End wmicore /s net start winmgmt :End

Paste the above code on a note pad and save it as FIXWMI.CMD and run the error machine.

China launches Moon mission

News that struck me on BBC that Chinese are now on the invasion of the outer space. China was the third country to put a man in space. The start of China's space endeavors began in the space age too, on 8 October 1956, when it began its missile and rocket research. Now china has launched its lunar mission. We as Asians wish them all the success in the mission ahead.

Quoted …….

A Chinese rocket carrying a probe destined for the Moon has blasted into space.
A Long March 3C rocket with the Chang'e-2 probe took off from Xichang launch centre at about midday GMT.
The rocket will shoot the craft into the trans-lunar orbit, after which the satellite is expected to reach the Moon's orbit in about five days.
Chang'e-2 will be used to test key technologies and collect data for future landings.
China says it will send a rover on its next mission, and has ambitions to put humans on the surface of the Moon at some future date, also.
The Xinhua News Agency said Chang'e-2 would also circle just 15km above the Moon's surface in order to take photographs of possible landing sites of the future missions.
It is China's second lunar probe - the first was launched in 2007. It stayed in space for 16 months and was then intentionally crashed on to the Moon's surface.
China launched its first manned flight into low-Earth orbit in 2003; and two more followed, with the most recent one in 2008.

Quoted from BBC………..


What makes the human heart sing?

I thought about it a little and then a little more and then off and on I kept processing what makes the heart sings. 
I kept thinking about it as always, but never would have thought of writing down my thoughts on the subject. What prompted me on this is an article that I found on the times magazine.

What really would be the answer? There would be several answers that an individual may prompt out. But what really is the answer. To my feeling it is happiness that makes the heart sing.
To my opinion we are happy the most when we let nature, the universe take its course and letting go of all what we feel is a burden.
By changing the way we think, by changing our outlook on life, we can control and even improve our attitudes and our actions and hence the outcome. If the result of our well thought out actions is not the one we were expecting, then we need to work on changing our perceptions. I believe when we engage ourselves consciously in making a decision to choose, it empowers us with that unseen but definitely felt strength. And when we are empowered, we are automatically happy.


10 things that make software user-friendly - From TechRepublic

This is an article that i came across on TechRepublic which i thought would be useful to software people around. Thought of sharing it around.

10 things that make software user-friendly

1: Simple to install

This applies to everything from operating systems to browser plug-ins. Installation is the first point of contact for users, so it had better be a friendly process. Otherwise, they’re going to be jaded the second they begin using your tool. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an operating system or a single-client user application, the installation should be simple and well documented. The second the installation becomes complicated, users will bail and move on to something easier.

2: Easy to update

As with the installation, an application’s update process should be easy. If updates are complex, users will more than likely skip the process. This can often leave behind a trail of bad results, as many updates patch security holes, memory leaks, and other problems. Updates need to be simple enough to ensure that users continue to benefit from the hard work of the creators of the software. When users don’t update, thus exposing issues, the software becomes less and less reliable and secure (as well as missing out on new features).

3: Intuitive

Software is only as good as its GUI. If the GUI is not well thought out and well executed, people will have issues with using the product. A well-designed GUI can often overcome a less-than-friendly underlying structure (or poor coding). But don’t bank all your hope on a good GUI — the software still needs to work as expected!

4: Efficient

Not only should a piece of software work as expected, it should also be efficient. It should be optimized for specific architecture, it should have all memory leaks plugged, and it should work seamlessly with underlying structures and subsystems. From the users’ point of view, the software should be an efficient means to completing their jobs. Software should not get in the way of completing a task, nor should it set up any roadblocks for users. The efficiency of a piece of software is tied up with its intuitiveness. A good example is the change Microsoft made to the Office interface. Switching from the standard interface to the Ribbon interface caused end users to waste precious work time simply trying to figure out where features were located. This was an inefficient (and inefficiently executed) design choice.

5: Pleasant, easy-to-navigate GUI

You might be thinking, “The Microsoft Office Ribbon Interface is horribly NOT intuitive, but it certainly is pleasant looking.” However, the look and feel of a GUI is a slippery slope that designers tend to tumble down. When a designer opts to go with trends instead of what works, it makes for an unpleasant experience for the end user. Instead of going with trends, add your own take on what is proven. The tried-and-true drop-down menu design has worked for years but is long overdue for an update — but this update should not come at the expense of intuitiveness. A GUI’s primary purpose is to make an end user’s job easier… and little more. If that can be achieved with an edgier design, go for it. But if your edgy design is counterintuitive and inefficient, it fails the user-friendliness test.

6: Easy to remove

Along with being easy to install and use, a piece of software should be easy to remove. Without a simple removal process, that software becomes cumbersome. And cumbersome is not user-friendly. As much as developers don’t want their users to remove their software, the removal process might be the last impression your software makes. Don’t make that impression a negative one.

7: Doesn’t need third-party software

One of my biggest problems with the Windows operating system is that more often than not, it requires third-party software to keep it running. This third-party software comes in the form of antivirus, anti-spyware, and other protection-based tools. Without these tools, your computer is vulnerable to whatever the malevolent powers that be want to throw at you. This is not user-friendly, as it creates levels of complication that most average end users can’t deal with.

8: Easy to troubleshoot

No software is perfect. And when something goes wrong with a piece of software, it’s important that the end user can call support and that support can resolve the issue. If the software offers nothing in the way of troubleshooting, how is the end user or the administrator going to be able to keep the software running? Windows 7 attempts to help the user out when a program crashes and does a fairly good job with it. In Linux, if you have problems with an application, you can always run it from the command line to see some of the issues presented. There are also third-party tools that can be used. But again, depending upon a third-party debugging tool is not user-friendly.

9: Adheres to standards

Standards are created for a reason — to make interconnectivity between applications or hardware easy. Problems begin to arise when developers do not adhere to standards. This has never been so obvious than with Microsoft Office. Microsoft has practically shunned the world of universal standards in favor of its own standards. This causes issues with other applications communicating with its software. OpenOffice is one office suite that does follow standards, but it often suffers because Microsoft doesn’t comply with standards set by governing bodies. When users are affected by a lack of compliance to standards, they’ll face an unfriendly experience trying to get their tools to communicate with tools that do follow standards.

10: Effective error handling

What happens when a piece of software encounters an error? Does it just go away without warning? Does it try to rectify the issue? Does it simply time out and then go on about its business? When a program comes across an error, it should make the error known, at least to the developers. It’s not the end users’ responsibility to report bugs, but giving them the option to report bugs can go a long way toward helping that software improve. When a program runs into an error and simply bails without warning or recourse, users are left with their eyes bugged out and their hands in the air. At least let users know there was a problem and what they can do to help solve it — such as sending a bug report to the developers.

This workbook has lost its VBA project.... Excel 2007

This was a serious and common issue(This workbook has lost its VBA projec)that both myself and our team came accros with excel data sheets with macros. We wasted a lot of time and effort initially to solve the issue. To our findings it was just a small feature during the installation of office 2007 that was missed out caused the problem. Posting this that there may be may who has really got an headache and finding nowhere for an answer. This is how you could avoid the error.

  1.  Close Excel if it is open.
  2.  In the Control Panel choose "Add or Remove Programs" (or Programs and Features in Windows Vista).
  3.  Select Microsoft Office in the list and click on the Change button.
  4. Choose "add or remove features"

  1. Select "Visual Basic for Applications" in the "Office Shared Features" list and set it to "Run from My Computer". Then click on the continue button.

  1. After the installation is finished you will be able to use Excel without the error.

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Traditional Wedding?

Are weddings boring? Are weddings conducted in the same old way? The answer to all is some clip that I found would like to share with all of you. It will be really contagious believe me.

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