What makes the human heart sing?

I thought about it a little and then a little more and then off and on I kept processing what makes the heart sings. 
I kept thinking about it as always, but never would have thought of writing down my thoughts on the subject. What prompted me on this is an article that I found on the times magazine.

What really would be the answer? There would be several answers that an individual may prompt out. But what really is the answer. To my feeling it is happiness that makes the heart sing.
To my opinion we are happy the most when we let nature, the universe take its course and letting go of all what we feel is a burden.
By changing the way we think, by changing our outlook on life, we can control and even improve our attitudes and our actions and hence the outcome. If the result of our well thought out actions is not the one we were expecting, then we need to work on changing our perceptions. I believe when we engage ourselves consciously in making a decision to choose, it empowers us with that unseen but definitely felt strength. And when we are empowered, we are automatically happy.


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