China launches Moon mission

News that struck me on BBC that Chinese are now on the invasion of the outer space. China was the third country to put a man in space. The start of China's space endeavors began in the space age too, on 8 October 1956, when it began its missile and rocket research. Now china has launched its lunar mission. We as Asians wish them all the success in the mission ahead.

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A Chinese rocket carrying a probe destined for the Moon has blasted into space.
A Long March 3C rocket with the Chang'e-2 probe took off from Xichang launch centre at about midday GMT.
The rocket will shoot the craft into the trans-lunar orbit, after which the satellite is expected to reach the Moon's orbit in about five days.
Chang'e-2 will be used to test key technologies and collect data for future landings.
China says it will send a rover on its next mission, and has ambitions to put humans on the surface of the Moon at some future date, also.
The Xinhua News Agency said Chang'e-2 would also circle just 15km above the Moon's surface in order to take photographs of possible landing sites of the future missions.
It is China's second lunar probe - the first was launched in 2007. It stayed in space for 16 months and was then intentionally crashed on to the Moon's surface.
China launched its first manned flight into low-Earth orbit in 2003; and two more followed, with the most recent one in 2008.

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